Furniture Mall Singapore

Shopping for a quality product needs careful search and finding a number of quality products in a mall make the place worth to visit. Fashion accessories are found very often in many malls but locating a furniture-oriented mall is more than enough for aesthetic sensible people. Singapore is a place that has managed to earn its repute for its quality furniture and efficient trading. One can trace various brands and retailers working efficiently in Singapore and provides maximum convenience for the consumers. Singapore also present in pride the rare opportunity of locating the world-class brands of furniture under one roof, formally referred as Furniture Mall.

People prefer different styles of home decor and a store can hardly promise to cater all the taste of people for its limited collections. Few stores offer contemporary furniture while other stores follow the antique theme of furniture presenting specific culture. Furniture Mall has the capacity to provide the maximum convenience for the customers to search for various tastes; from relaxing furniture to the one having rich vibrant shades. Not only catering the design needs of the customers but it also provides immense opportunity to shop for other accessories related to interior d├ęcor. From best lightning to the decorative accessories, Furniture Mall has all to offer.

Furniture Mall provides the best accessories for the modern living. One of the exciting features of the mall is its variation in material. A home for many brands and retailers, each store displays its unique collection with some of the best materials; from pure wood to luxurious leather. The ultimate destination for the quality furniture, the mall provides the best access to many styles of furniture. Furniture Mall was created on the philosophy that a place provides the best access to a competitive atmosphere where consumers can buy products at much reasonable rates when compared to market of grand stores.

Furniture Mall follows the policy in which it provides the best possible solutions for the customers and the best access to locate quality furniture. The renowned brands provide their latest collections in the mall with their complete catalogues as they majorly deal with customized orders as well. From best furnishing to the living room and dining room furniture, Furniture Mall has every brand to cater to customer needs. The aesthetic furnishing of art living to eco-friendly furniture of eco link, the mall has almost every style presented in its true graceful manner.

Each year the Grand Singapore Sale at the mall provides the best opportunity to shop in most reasonable rates. The sale includes commendable rates on almost every store of the mall. Apart from reasonable rates, complimentary services are also offered by the retailers in order to promote the repute of the mall and provide customer satisfaction. Furniture Mall also holds updated promotions to follow the true philosophy of the store. From retro style chairs to the traditional beddings, products can be availed at best prices.

Address: 10 Toh Guan Road, Singapore 608838.
Telephone: 6898-2272
Opening Times: 11am - 9pm