BoConcept Furniture Singapore

Furniture is the most important part of a house. It does not only fill the room, but also make our room looks beautiful. Different designs of furniture may make people feelings changes. Most people usually choose the most unique furniture to beautify their own house. The contemporary designed furniture is likely to be one of the most chosen designs on furniture.

Singapore is known as the best country for shopping. It serves the best quality and the most matched designs for the customers’ tastes. With so many brands and designs in Singapore, costumers have so many options to choose the style they like. Since Singapore offers almost all types of furniture in the world, it is obvious that contemporary design is on the list. If you are looking for contemporary style furniture, there is a good brand in Singapore which offers beautiful crafted contemporary furniture to buy. The brand’s name is BoConcept, it is a Denmark based brand which concerns on the furniture and its accessories. With more than 60 years in business, BoConcept has had the best experience to serve the customers and has already know what designs that their customers like. BoConcept focuses their products to some types of furniture like living room’s furniture such as sofas, armchairs, footstools, coffee tables, and small tables. Dining furniture like dining tables, bar stools, and dining chairs. They also have sleeping furniture like beds, sofa sleepers, wardrobes, and mattresses.

In sofa sections, there are so many kinds of sofas that BoConcept offers. For those who like to have luxurious look, Mezzo sofa can be one type to choose. With dark colored exclusive Andorra leather, Mezzo will give the casual and elegant look to your living room. For those who are looking for more contemporary look, indivi 2 sofa is the best choice to make. It is built in contemporary and classic designs. It comes with some options of sizes that customers can choose this contemporary furniture in various shape that fits to your living room. Another classic look sofa is the Monte sofa. It is built in thick cushions to make the sofa comfortable to sit on, and elegan 70’s design to make it more unique. This type is suitable for the small living room rather than the big one. For those who like to sleep in a couch when watching TV, BoConcept also gives very unique sofa sleepers for their customers. The sofa sleepers come with different types of fabrics and leathers. It is a quite big sofa that can be used by two or more people on it that makes it to be the best option for overnight guests.

Besides the sofas, there are also some types of dining furniture, especially tables. The dining table in contemporary design with some strong and best quality woods materials such as oak, lacquered, and walnut. Besides dining tables, there are also the dining chairs which are also designed in contemporary style. The chairs are made of fabrics and leathers with various colors. The colors used for this furniture are mostly the dark ones that match to wood color for both the table and chair.

BoConcept does not only offer furniture, it also offers the accessories for your home. The collection includes vases, candlesticks, clocks, and many others accessories. The store also provides textiles, rugs, and lamps to choose. The accessories from the BoConcept have some unique designs for making the room in your house look beautiful. The vases for example have unique designs that will fit for the contemporary furniture and will make it look better. The candlesticks of BoConcept have so many designs and types that will fit for the relaxation. Some types of candlesticks are the oil lamp, scented candlestick, and some candlestick in various unique designs like candles on some kinds of holder on it.

As Singapore is the most visited country to have shopping, it is also obvious that Singapore provides the magnificent BoConcept’s furniture as its visitors’ attraction. There are two main areas where you can find the furniture of BoConcept. You can find it at the BoConcept Katong which is located at #03-33/36, 112Katong in East Coast Road. the other one is the BoConcept Paragon. It is located at Orchard Road on 04-01/02/03 Paragon 290.